Current Research

-March 7th 2018 - RESEARCH REQUEST

Dr. Katerina Jordan and her graduate student, Karen Francisco, are studying the disease take-all patch on creeping bentgrass putting greens. Their research will investigate the use of a variety of cultural practices to manage take-all patch as well as the most effective timing for fungicide applications. The study also aims to assess soil microbial communities in the hopes of enhancing natural microbial antagonism, as they feel that this avenue may be the answer for long-term control of the disease. 

Katerina and Karen are looking for samples from golf courses with a history of take-all patch to include in their research project. If you have had a history of the disease and would like to be part of the study, please contact Katerina or Karen directly (please see contact information below). 

Thank you for your time. 

Dr. Katerina Jordan 



Karen Francisco



Some of our 2018 research projects include:

-Best practices for establishment of prairie turfgrass systems

-Continued assessment and development of biosolid fertilizers for turfgrass

-Best management practices and alternative controls for take-all patch

-Exploring cold tolerance and winter hardiness levels of bentgrass and poa annua


Some of our 2016 research projects:

- Efficacy of experimental herbicide products to control Bryum argenteum (silvery thread moss) on putting greens

- Efficacy of experimental low-risk herbicide products – 2016 spring trial

- Turf Response to Single and Dual Inhibitor Stabilized Nitrogen Fertilizers

- Assessing the use of biosolids for establishment of turfgrass stands in sod production

- Herbicidal activity of Fiesta formulations applied to turfgrass infested with broadleaf weeds

- Best management practices for summer patch on annual bluegrass - 2016 trial

- Tolerance of new seedings of different grass species to application of a low-risk herbicide – late summer/early fall trial

- Ornamental trial gardens: All-America Selections trial, small scale vegetable trial, containers trial and more!