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  • Cam Shaw, Manager, Diplomaa in Turfgrass Management

    Consider all the education and career opportunities available in the turfgrass profession. Landscape Ontario and the Guelph Turfgrass Institute teamed up to share some insights about working in turfgrass management.

  • OTRF- The importance of turfgrass research

    Turfgrass has many uses and environmental benefits. The Ontario Turfgrass Research Foundation is dedicated to supporting the continued advancement of turfgrass through research projects. 

  • The idea of not cutting your lawn until June, also known as "No Mow May,” is gaining momentum. It's meant to help flowers and weeds grow to help bees pollinate. But does it make sense? Mike Drolet, Global News, gets the answer from the experts at the Guelph Turfgrass Institute.