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Why the media storm on No Mow May?

Why is the Guelph Turfgrass Institute against the #NoMowMay movement? 


Long story short: we want homeowners to have living, healthy green spaces. 

Display Trial

Display Trial getting started

We are looking forward to hosting a Field Day in Guelph on Saturday September 23rd, which will have a focus on the residential lawncare industry. We reached out to some suppliers and asked them to submit one of their products that a homeowner in Ontario would be able to purchase to "improve turf health" or reduce inputs. Several products were donated by industry suppliers, along with recommended application instructions, and others were purchased from "big box stores". 

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Spring care tips for your yard

The birds are singing, the crocuses are blooming, and you just can't wait to start gardening again. You might have the urge to run outside with your rake and trowel and start digging in, but there are some things to consider before you start your outdoor spring cleaning. 

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Water Conservation in Turf

Life would not be possible without water.

Water is essential for seed germination and plant growth, and can make up >75% of the fresh weight of actively growing turfgrasses.

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Volunteer at the Canadian Open

This year, the Canadian Open will be hosted by St. George's Golf and Country Club in Etobicoke, ON from June 6 to 12. Volunteer positions are currently being filled and you can register online!

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