Research Publications

The University of Guelph Atrium is a digital collection of research reports and publications from various institutions and academic communities within the University of Guelph. Click here to view the Guelph Turfgrass Institute's collection. Use the search bar or the grouped category links on the the GTI's Atrium page in order to filter by topic, author, or date. This repository of information is an important tool in preserving the the GTI's legacy and facilitating scholarly research, information and communication avenues.



Recent Thesis Spotlights:

  • Turfgrass Water Use and Growth Under Low Mowing Heights and Different Nitrogen Phosphorous and Drought Conditions; Miyuan "Nancy" Xiao, January 2020 Link
  • Preventing Loss of Winter Hardiness in Turfgrass on Golf Greens and Fairways in the Late Winter; Corey Flude, August 2019 Link
  • The Improvement for Methods of Small-Scale Prairie Restoration on Naturalized Areas of Roadsides, Urban Parks and Golf Courses; Ling Shi, August 2018 Link
  • Turfgrass Water Use and Photosynthesis in Controlled Environments; Craig Harnock, April 2018 Link

Recent Publication Highlights:

  • Comparing effectiveness of Plant Growth Regulators Annuew and PrimoMaxx on Fairway Height Turfgrass; 2019 LINK 
  • Comparing Liquid and Dry Formulations of Fiesta on Crabgrass and Other Weeds in a Cultivated Area of Soil; 2019 Link
  • Assessing Various Wetting Agents on Golf Putting Greens comprised of Calcareous and Siliceous Sand-Based Rootzones; 2019 Link
  • Comparing Different Rates of Liquid and Dry Formulation Fiesta in Broadleaf Weed Populations; 2019 Link
  • Effectiveness Of Moss-Aside and Quiksilver at Controlling Silvery Thread Moss Populations on Putting Greens; 2018 Link


Past Publication Highlights:

Evaluation of Cutting Edge Grass Seed Under Low Inputs and With Two Different Mowing Regimes; 2012 LinkOpens a new window

Longevity of Response to Urea, Coated Urea and Blends; 2012 LinkOpens a new window

Trichoderma harzianum as Bio-Control for Dollar Spot Disease on Creeping Bentgrass Turf; 2010 LinkOpens a new window

Field Evaluation of Wetting Agent Efficacy on Localized Dry Spot, Soil Moisture and Root System Growth; 2010 LinkOpens a new window