Current Research

Some of our 2018 research projects include:

-Best practices for establishment of prairie turfgrass systems

-Continued assessment and development of biosolid fertilizers for turfgrass

-Best management practices and alternative controls for take-all patch

-Exploring cold tolerance and winter hardiness levels of bentgrass and poa annua

-Alternatives options for controlling turfgrass diseases such as Sclerotinia homeocarpa 


Some of our 2018 Service Research or Grant-In-Aid work includes:

-Broadleaf weed control product assessment and development

-Comparison of liquid foliar fertilizers at various rates on turfgrass growth, density and overall quality rating

-Data collection and reporting for new and emerging growth regulators

-Data collection and reporting of alternative control products for white grubs


Some of our 2016 research projects:

- Efficacy of experimental herbicide products to control Bryum argenteum (silvery thread moss) on putting greens

- Efficacy of experimental low-risk herbicide products – 2016 spring trial

- Turf Response to Single and Dual Inhibitor Stabilized Nitrogen Fertilizers

- Assessing the use of biosolids for establishment of turfgrass stands in sod production

- Herbicidal activity of Fiesta formulations applied to turfgrass infested with broadleaf weeds

- Best management practices for summer patch on annual bluegrass - 2016 trial

- Tolerance of new seedings of different grass species to application of a low-risk herbicide – late summer/early fall trial

- Ornamental trial gardens: All-America Selections trial, small scale vegetable trial, containers trial and more!